Divorce Care 101

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Separation and divorce can leave you confused, emotional, and questioning everything from your past, your relationship, your future, and your own self-worth. This is quite normal, and I am going to help you cut through this overwhelm and confusion; in this series you’ll learn how to answer the unanswered questions that swarm you, develop the tools you need to move on and develop a life that is not only intentional, but allows you to thrive.

Action Steps

YOU have the power to Discover, Design, and Develop your own Intentional Life. The next weeks are an important introduction to living intentionally and on purpose. You are reconnecting to YOU...the healing process has begun and will continue as you take each step on this journey.

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You’ll have exclusive access to join a monthly workshop and Q & A session.

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Intentional Living

Living your best life begins with aligning your values, goals, and actions to achieve your heart's desires.  You'll find inspiration, encouragement, and support with the lifestyle philosophy of A House With Four Rooms.


  • You’ll work at your own pace. There are five major seminars (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and reflections). Each seminar follows the philosophy of the Indian Proverb, A House With Four Rooms. Each seminar is delivered on a weekly basis from your own personal library on our website. 
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Your materials include: workbooks, ebooks, checklists, pdfs, videos, and mp3 audio. You’ll be able to print these materials and use them for your personal success program of not only surviving divorce, but thriving. You will also want a journal, physical or electronic, to complete the exercises.

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Divorce Care 101


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