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Lisa McGrath,  International Bestselling Author, National Board Certified Teacher, Speaker, and Coach

3 Year Journal: Connecting Heart, Mind, Body, and Spirit

Imagine capturing a thought, moment, or event with a guided daily prompt, and then circling round to answer again and reflect on past responses. That's what the 3 Year Journal is about...capturing the moments and memories in the simplest way so you will remember.

You can start on any day of the year by turning to that date and taking a few moments to respond to the daily prompt. The prompts are meant to connect your heart, mind, body, and spirit to the events of your life. This simple journaling process provides the opportunity to recall the past, record the present, and fantasize about the future.

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The Caregiver's Journal

The Caregiver's Journal provides a daily question to spark awareness, mindfulness, and self-care strategies for the caregiver.

It captures the thoughts, feelings, and actions of the year with a mix of questions for reflection and capturing memories, especially for those memories of your relationship with your loved one, friend, or patient.

The journal offers 365 prompts with lined writing space for your responses. 

Journaling a few minutes a day creates a foundation for living and working with integrity, grace, and kindness. It has the power to fill your heart with the positive intention of loving care.

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3 Year Journal: A Question a Day

A daily question helps you capture the memories of the year by creating a keepsake journal for the next three years.

As the years go by, you'll remember the moments, thoughts, feelings, and actions that inspire the days of your life.

The 3 Year Journal: A Question a Day offers a mix of personal development, reflection, and memories that provide awareness and growth. It's fun to see how your answers evolve over time as you record your thoughts in the moment.

In a couple of minutes a day you can develop a journaling practice that captures the moments that you'll want to remember.

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3 Year Journal for Teachers

Master teachers have a reflective practice. They research, plan, and review. This little journal provides the prompts that lead to that master practice.

A daily question captures the memories of the year by creating a keepsake journal for the next three years of your teaching career. The questions are a mix of professional and personal development, reflection, and activities that provide awareness to your thing practice.

As the years goes by, you'll see how your responses evolved and remember what you were thinking, feeling, and doing.

The 3 Year Journal for Teachers helps you master the art of teaching while creating a work-life balance.

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3 Year Journal for Teens

365 prompts to help teens build self-esteem, discover purpose, and practice gratitude.

A daily prompt is quick to answer and captures the thoughts in the moment and records a memory.

This journal helps teens connect to growing up intentionally. 

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Develop a Journaling Practice 

Blank Notebooks/Journals

  • High-quality paper notebook
  • 120 lined pages
  • White paper
  • 6 x 9 inches dimensions; portable to use and carry in your bag for business, travel, conference
  • Ideal notebook for keeping a travelogue, journal, diary, route planner, a daily, plan, note-taking, and jotting down important ideas
  • Perfect for taking notes, task lists, journaling, setting goals, and writing
  • Professionally designed matte-finished softbound cover
  • Perfect gift idea for adults on any occasion

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A House With Four Rooms: A Guide to Living an Intentional Life with Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Wellbeing.

The philosophy of the Indian Proverb A House With Four Rooms states that we should think of ourselves as a house with four rooms: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual rooms. It goes on to say we must do something daily in each of these rooms for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. One doesn't have to spend lengthy periods of time in each room but must go into each daily, even if it is to only open a window to "air" it out.

This practice allows you to discover your purpose, align your personal and professional goals, and make decisions in order to live intentionally.

Part memoir and part instructional guide, Lisa McGrath shares the strategies that provide a solid foundation in which to build a life. The strategies help the reader discover, design, and develop the action steps to achieve personal and professional goals. Lisa has been following and teaching the philosophy of the Indian Proverb for over twenty-five years; she has relied on it to heal from childhood trauma, abuse, divorce, an empty nest, and the loss of loved ones. She shares her perspective, personal experiences, and strategies in this guide to growing, managing, and sustaining an 
Intentional Life through routines, rituals, and habits. It has been her secret to live intentionally with healing, moving on, and moving forward with peace, joy, and success. Imagine feeling confident, happy, and successful in all areas of your life.

A House With Four Rooms: A Guide for Living an Intentional Life with Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Wellbeing offers journal exercises for discovering purpose, setting goals, and living an Intentional Life based on your own personal values, aspirations, and intentions. The book is for women that want to find clarity, purpose, and direction with intention, a plan, and action steps to achieve personal and professional goals.

Feeling like your life has been interrupted...feeling isolated, anxious, or uncertain?

Human connection is vital...not necessarily to have someone tell you what to do, but to listen, ask the right questions, and guide you to understanding your next best steps. If you feel like your life is at a crossroads, use the philosophy of A House With Four Rooms
to pivot...start over. Perhaps a career change, move, or new opportunity is waiting for you, but self-doubt, sabotage, or mindset stands in your way?

Learn how essential life management skills, routines, self-awareness, and intention can transform your life!

A book of practical, inspirational, and spiritual guidance to empower readers to live intentionally. You can heal from destructive emotions, past hurts, and trauma. Life can become meaningful again as you learn to develop better relationships, even with yourself, learn to communicate well, and show empathy towards yourself and others. You will discover clarity, focus, and purpose. You will learn to set boundaries, protect yourself from emotional sabotage, and continue to move forward with healthy routines, rituals, and habits. How do you define your successful life?

Connect your heart, mind, body, and spirit by "airing" your four rooms daily for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

The book includes practical strategies for "airing" your four rooms for complete wellbeing and making small, continuous changes to establish lasting healthy routines, rituals, and habits that will transform your life. It's never too late to live the life you're meant to live...your best life!

Start your personal and professional growth journey now...imagine what your life will look like next month, three months, six months, and a year from now. It's time to take 100% responsible for your life...start today!