Meet Lisa McGrath

A House With Four Rooms and Lisa McGrath              

A House With Four Rooms was launched for individuals looking to create an Intentional Life filled with extraordinary experiences. Lisa is a National Board Certified Teacher and Life Coach with a unique style, perspective, and musings that encourages and empowers you to examine and create the life of your dreams. Her posts ask you to join her on A Pilgrimage to Self by finding the intentional acts that help you focus on achieving your goals and finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Her work includes inspirational, practical, and spiritual direction for everyday life as she encourages you to “air” out your own House With Four Rooms (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual). She is currently working on a memoir based on the lessons learned during her walks on the ancient pilgrims' route across Spain: the Camino de Santiago.

Lisa is a teacher, life coach, author, and entrepreneur. Aside from teaching, her favorite things include traveling, textile arts, crafting, reading, eating, camping, going to the theatre, and spending time with her family. You are invited to subscribe to  A House With Four Rooms and take part in the journey by sharing stories, laughs, recipes in the blog section Just a thought..., additional materials can be found in the Library, and the Personal Lifestyle Coaching membership for building an extraordinary life of wellness in A Pilgrimage to Self.

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