Living an Intentional Life

My mission is simple: to give YOU the strategies, techniques, and direction that will guide you to living your Intentional Life with inspiration, motivation, support, and accountability. 

Imagine waking up each day feeling like you are...

  • living with purpose
  • worthy, healthy, and whole
  • capable, confident, and calm
  • valued, mindful, and empowered

Then, together, you’ll help me navigate through my BEST strategies that have the GREATEST impact on women...the women that find themselves at a Crossroads...dealing with the same kinds of situations and emotions I’ve faced healing from past traumas, including childhood dysfunction, abuse, divorce, recovery, empty nest, and major health issues...real-life issues.

Wouldn’t your life benefit from practicing essential self-care, meditation, gratitude, and forgiveness practices?

Here are the top 3 reasons to join me now:

1. The membership offer rocks. Right now, you can get in for as little as $1 a day with the annual option or choose the flexible monthly plan.

This is by far the lowest tuition, highest value offer we’ve ever made for this A Pilgrimage to Self program! AND, as a member, your tuition NEVER increases, even when the program costs go up!

2. You’ll get 2 bonus Virtual RETREATS to include topics such as: unlocking your personal powers, breaking through blocks, and creating effective vision boards.

3. A private 1:1 coaching session to clarify, connect, and develop your personal next best steps.

You’ll live an Intentional Life filled with joy, happiness, and success.

Each month, you’ll gain access to inspiring content and support:

  • Masterclasses will focus on key life areas, such as gaining more confidence, breaking through barriers, tapping into your intuition, deepening intimacy, self-love, and more.
  • Weekly Connection emails, texts, and laser coaching videos to keep you motivated throughout the month.
  • Live Q & A sessions to help you find clarity, direction, and next steps.
  • Interview with Lifestyle Experts to share techniques, strategies, and direction in all areas of life.
  • Plus: a private community 

Imagine how it will be to live each day connected to your personal powers, tapping into your strengths and inner resources, your intuition, your courage, confidence, and self-love...

...having clarity, direction, and intention to focus on your next steps, strategies and structures to follow through and create the extraordinary life you came here to live...

...feeling motivated, inspired, and supported by a coach, and by a community surrounding you with a field of positivity, possibility, encouragement, and support.

If this energizes you, I encourage you to give yourself permission to connect your heart, mind, body, and spirit for complete well-being...

Here’s what this special offer includes for YOU:

  • Choose the monthly plan at $47 ($564) or for additional savings, register for the yearly option at $365...that’s a savings of $199!!! 
  • LOCKED-IN savings for the life of your membership in good standing...this means no fee increases when membership costs increase
  • 2 BONUS virtual retreats ($398 value)
  • a 1:1 private coaching call to zero in on your next best steps ($200 value)

P.S. When you join today, you can sign up for an annual membership for just $1 a day ($365) or the monthly tuition ($47), and you’ll also receive a bonus private coaching session with me!

This is an amazing offer we’re unlikely to ever make available again. 

Isn’t it time for YOU?

It’s time to follow through and prepare for your sacred journey...A Pilgrimage to Self.

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